Research on Grazing

Grass Intake of Dairy Cows

Maximum grass intake is a critical component to efficient dairy cow output in terms of milk production and reproductive performance. Of recent concern is the very poor reproductive performance of high genetic merit dairy cows. Due to very conflicting reports and a general confusion, a topical question is “what is the average daily grass intake capacity of cows in the dairy herd?”

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Quality Beef from Autumn Grass

Grazed grass is currently the cheapest feed source available for beef cattle in Ireland, with an estimated cost of £38/tonne digestible dry matter. Corresponding digestible dry matter (DM) costs for silage and purchased concentrates are £98 and £155/t respectively. The intake of grass, or its contribution to total intake, needs to be increased if the cost of animal carcass gain is to be reduced. This can be achieved by producing a high yield of grass and utilising it efficiently throughout a long grazing season, while maintaining high levels of animal performance.

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