Selenistart is a Urea based Nitrogen fertiliser with added Selenium, which is an essential trace element for animals.

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Product Analysis
Nitrogen (Urea) (N) 42.0% Selenium (Se) .002%

Why use Selenistart?

Selenium is a vital trace element and is required by all animals. The natural route for selenium intake by ruminant animals is from their green feed diet. The selenium in Selenistart is a slow release granular form of selenium, which is the natural solution to boost low plant selenium levels. Selenium is released throughout the plant growing cycle boosting the selenium content at harvest or during grazing.

Functions of Selenistart

Helps Prevent:

  • Fertility and Retained Placenta Problems
  • Ill thrift
  • White Muscle disease
  • Mastitis

Why Treat the soil with Selenistart instead of treating the Animal?

Treat the Soil Treat the Animal
Works and…  Works but…
 Effect is long-term  Effect is short-lived
 Selenium stays on the farm  Selenium leaves farm in animals
 No animal handling  Involves stressful handling
 Selenium applied in fert – simple  Relies on animal husbandry
 No extra time involved  Time consuming for farmer
 Cheap  Expensive

Trial to show the uptake of Selenium by grass and animal after Selenium is spread on the pasture

Application Rate


Applying a minimum of 4 bags/acre/yr of Selenistart over the grazing season will help to correct your selenium deficiency.

If the above amount of Selenistart has not been spread, this product can be used in conjunction with Selenigrass (CAN+Se) as part of a programme whereby 4 bags/acre of either product or a combination of both are spread early in the grazing season.


Selenistart can be used to replace Granular Urea for applications on silage crops.  Selenistart will help to raise the selenium content of the silage.

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