Sweet Silage Overview

Introducing two Sweet Silage fertiliser grades:

24-0-13 + 5 SO3 + 3 Na2O 22-4-13 + 5 SO3 + 3 Na2O

cost effective nutrient rich alternatives to standard silage grades

  • Provides balanced nutrition
  • Available with or without phosphate
  • Contains ideal N:S ratio for silage
  • Addition of Origin Sodium
  • Part of the Sweetgrass product range
  • Also available as a NUTRI-MATCH prescription fertiliser

Increases sugar content

The sodium in Sweet Silage gives better fermentation
NEW FOR 2021

Increases palatability and digestibility

The sodium in Sweet Silage gives higher Dry Matter intake
NEW FOR 2021

Improves mineral balance

Improving mineral balance results in better animal health
NEW FOR 2021

Increase protein and DM without impacting ME

21% increase in silage sugar content

Part of the Sweetgrass range

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