Polysulphate® is a versatile and valuable source of prolonged release Sulphur (S), containing Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) in soluble, readily absorbed forms. It is available as a straight and in blends.

For tillage, dairy, sheep and beef farmers

Who are looking to improve crop yield and quality through a steady supply of crop essential nutrients

Our product is a multi-nutrient granular fertiliser containing 19.2% S, 12% K, 3.6% Mg, 12.2% Ca

Better than other forms on the market as the sulphur is released over a 55-day period, preventing potential leaching losses

Our solution is fully approved for organic use, contains low levels of chloride and has a lower carbon footprint than standard practice

It is tried, tested and proven in Ireland and the UK

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What is Polysulphate®?

Polysulphate® is a unique, multi-nutrient fertiliser containing sulphur (S), potassium (K), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) in water-soluble, plant available forms. Mined in the UK, Polysulphate® can be applied as a straight or combined into multi-nutrient compounds.

Why use Polysulphate®?

  • Prolonged release rate of sulphate for double the number of days compared to other forms of sulphur
  • Sulphate release matches crop uptake and minimises leaching losses
  • UK mined with low carbon impact
  • Proven quality and yield benefits to increase NUE and crop profit
  • 2 – 4mm granular product with excellent blending and spreading characteristics
  • Can be applied as a straight or in a range of Goulding grades for total flexibility
  • Ideal for chloride sensitive crops
  • Fully approved for organic use
Need trial data?
Goulding NI Polysulphate (Grass DM)


Comparing NPK plus ammonium sulphate with NPK plus Polysulphate on grass

Goulding NI Poly Winter OSR


Assessing the effect of autumn and spring applications of sulphate for oilseed rape

Goulding NI Poly Winter Wheat


Assessing the effect of Polysulphate as an application for winter wheat

Goulding NI Poly Maize


Assessing the benefit of Polysulphate in a maize starter fertiliser

POLYSULPHATE is a key source of sulphur in many of our NUTRI-MATCH blends
Polysulphate11.6K 3.6Mg 19.2S 12.2Ca
Need More Technical Information?

Why is Polysulphate® a good source of sulphur? 

Polysulphate™ releases sulphate for double the number of days compared to other forms of sulphur. An independent trial by the University of Nottingham compared the nutrient release pattern of various sulphur fertilisers. Polysulphate gave the most prolonged release of plant-available sulphur - up to 50 days post-application – which gives the best match with the rate of crop uptake and minimises the risk of leaching.


How available to plants are the nutrients S, K, Mg and Ca in Polysulphate®?

All the nutrients are fully available to plants.

Is Polysulphate® fully soluble?

Yes, Polysulphate is fully soluble.

Considering the slower rate of dissolution of Polysulphate® in water, are the nutrients released sufficiently to plants?

Yes, we do not see a lesser uptake by plants, even in small plots, where flow of nutrients is relatively higher than soil.

Is Polysulphate® only available as a straight?

No, we supply Polysulphate® in a wide range of prescription NS, NPKS and NKS blended compounds. 



Need a Carbon Footprint?

Our aim is to provide specific carbon footprints for our products, improving accuracy for recording and reporting. NUTRI-CO2OL, our independently ADAS verified carbon footprint model, was developed to account for changes in raw material sourcing, production and blending sites.


Spreader settings for granular Polysulphate® fertiliser are available from most manufacturers of centrifugal spreaders.

Tables are available on the websites of these companies: