As a group, we have put sustainability at the centre of our business model and in sharing our vision, we aim to work in partnership with our stakeholders to achieve common goals.

We aim to deliver industry-leading products and services that offer tangible solutions to identifiable problems, and help Ireland's farmers meet the challenge of increasing food production and protecting the environment.

Fertile Future

Fertile Future is our fertiliser roadmap to sustainable agriculture.

Our core strategy is the development of science-led, innovative products and services which improve soil fertility, nutrient use efficiency and crop productivity, whilst also protecting the environment.

Fertile Future evaluates the role of soil and crop nutrients in sustainable agriculture, identifying the key environmental challenges and our solutions within the soil, air and water biospheres.

The Challenges


Agriculture generates emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and atmospheric pollutants, both of which are closely connected to the management and use of nutrients, particularly nitrogen, from inorganic fertilisers and organic manures.


Fertile healthy soils are the foundation of sustainable agriculture, helping to balance food production and environmental enhancement. Soil degradation in Ireland limits productivity and biodiversity, and increases the risks of flooding and greenhouse gas emissions leading to climate change.


Sustainable agriculture requires sufficient clean water for food production, drinking and to support marine ecosystems. Diffuse pollution of nutrients from agriculture can have a significant detrimental impact on water quality and the marine environment. Surface and sub-surface run-off of nitrates and phosphates from organic manures, inorganic fertilisers and soil erosion are the primary concerns in the context of diffuse nutrient pollution.

Our Solutions


NUTRI-CHECK is an umbrella term in relation to purchasing, production, quality assurance and nutrition agronomy to help us achieve our financial and sustainability objectives.


NUTRI-MATCH® is an umbrella brand that covers our prescription fertiliser offering which currently stands at over 13,000 grades, made from a choice of 14 essential nutrients.


NUTRI-CO2OL® is our independently verified model that enables us to quantify the carbon footprint for any individual product. It provides site-specific carbon footprints for our 13,000+ grades from source to Goulding’s site gate.

Nurturing Growth

Nurturing Growth is our parent companies, Origin Enterprises, sustainability report.

“The need for collective action to achieve a net-zero emissions economy, which will protect the health of our people and our environment for future generations, has never been clearer. Our sustainability strategy, ‘Nurturing Growth’, recognises the deep interdependence between environmental and social issues and sets out a framework to allow us shape a more sustainable future through agronomy and amenity solutions.” 

Sean Coyle, Chief Executive Officer