KαN® is a Nitrogen fertiliser based on urea, treated with AGROTAIN stabiliser. AGROTAIN reduces volatilisation to ensure that the Nitrogen is available to fuel crop growth all season long.

Download the Gouldings KαN® leaflet here

What KαN® Products Are Available

  (N) (P) (K) (S)
Nitrogen Only (N) 46%
Nitrogen + Sulphur (NS) 38% 7%
Nitrogen + Potassium + Sulphur (NKS) 29% 14% 3.5%

*Available in 375kg bags

Why use KαN®

      • Economic Benefits

Generally, KαN® costs less per unit of Nitrogen compared to CAN. This helps to save you money on your Nitrogen fertiliser inputs.

          • Logistical & Time Saving

KαN® has a high Nitrogen concentration with 70% more N than CAN. This means you have less haulage, storage and reduced product to spread, saving you time, fuel and money.

              • Reliable Agronomic Performance

KαN® (Agrotain) has been independently trialled by Teagasc under both grassland & tillage. The trial results show that KαN® yields are consistently as good as CAN, if not slightly better.

                  • Environmentally Stable

KαN® is stable in the soil and has a lower carbon footprint than other Nitrogen fertilisers. KαN® reduces Ammonia emissions by 84% and Greenhouse Gas emissions by 73%*. (*Teagasc trials)

How does KαN® perform?

Teagasc, in conjunction with AFBI, have carried out independent trials on grassland and tillage over 3 different seasons. KαN® has performed consistently as good as, if not better than CAN or Urea throughout the trial duration.

Where can I get KαN®?

                    • Contact your local fertiliser stockist or Goulding Fertilisers on 021-4911611

For additional information on spreader calibration, refer to the spreader manufacturer manual or check out the links below:
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