Sweetgrass is a high Nitrogen fertiliser with added sweetening agents. Its special formulation increases the palatability of your grass, thus increasing dry matter intakes.

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Product Analysis
Nitrogen (N) 23.0% Sodium (Na) 5.0%
Sulphur (S) 2.0% Magnesium (Mg) 1.2%

Why Use Sweetgrass?

For Sweeter Grass

When applied to grass, Sodium has been shown to improve its palatability

For Increased Dry Matter Intake

Increased palatability will lead to increased dry matter intake.

For Cleaner Paddocks

The sweeter the grass the tighter the grazing.

For Top Dressing Beet

Top dressing beet with the combination of Nitrogen, Sulphur, Sodium and Magnesium gives an excellent yield response.

Functions of Trace Elements

  • Improves Nitrogen uptake
  • Improves Protein content and digestibility of grass
  • Helps produce lush swards
  • Sweetens grass
  • Increases dry matter intakes
  • Improves utilisation of available grass giving cleaner paddocks
  • Helps prevent grass tetany
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Improves nutrient availability

Benefits of Sweetgrass

  • Increases grass proteins
  • Contains many essential trace elements for top dressing sugar beet
  • Less topping as a result of tighter grazing
  • Helps maintain sward quality throughout season
  • Increased livestock dry matter intakes
  • Produces sweeter grass

Sweetgrass trial data – Ireland 2019

Goulding Sweetgrass NUI trial data sheet

Trial of grass grown with Nitrogen V’s Nitrogen + Sodium

Straight Nitrogen Nitrogen + Sodium Difference
Digestibility (%) 71.6 72.9 1.8%
Sugar Content (%) 29.4 32.3 9.8%
Intake (KgDM/Day) 14 16.6 18.5%
Milk Yield 22.6 24.7 9.3%
Butterfat Yield (g/day) 833 963 12%
Somatic cell count Significantly Reduced


Application Rate


For early grass, apply 2 bags per acre 6 – 8 weeks before turnout. Generally, apply 1½ bags per acre after each grazing as required but keeping within the parameters of the nitrates directive.

SilageSilage / Hay

Suitable for hay, and both first and second cut silage. Apply 3-5 bags per acre as required but keeping within the parameters of the nitrates directive.


Can be applied to cereal, beet and other tillage crops as a top dressing to satisfy Nitrogen requirements of that crop.

Download the Sweetgrass Technical Note here

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