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Digest-it® is a biological slurry additive designed to increase nutrient recovery from slurry while also reducing ammonia emissions.

For dairy and beef farmers

Who are looking to grow more better quality grass

In partnership with Devenish, our product increases nutrient recovery from slurry

It reduces agitation time and smell

Our solution reduces ammonia emissions from slurry

It is tried, tested and proven in Ireland and the UK

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What is DIGEST-IT?

Digest-it® is a microbial inoculant added to slurry that increases nutrient recovery from slurry, reduces ammonia emissions from slurry and grows more, better quality grass, by improving soil health.

DIGEST-IT® provides a rich food source for microbes as well as dormant aerobic bacteria species that are able to feed on and break down the organic matter in the slurry and use the ammonia gas as a source of nitrogen to grow, thus turning it into microbial nitrogen.

Benefits of  DIGEST-IT in the tank:

  • Reduces time required to agitate and pump slurry
  • Less smell from fresh slurry when agitating or spreading
  • Converts solids into plant-available liquid nutrients
  • Reduces surface crusting

Benefits of  DIGEST-IT in the field:

  • Digest-it® treated slurry grows more, better quality grass
  • Digest-it® treated slurry reduces odour when spreading
  • Digest-it® treated slurry improves soil health by supplying “good” microbes to the soil
  • Digest-it® treated slurry is kinder to the soil organisms living in your soil, including worms
  • Digest-it® treated slurry has a lower Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) than untreated slurry
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