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Selenistart is a Urea based Nitrogen fertiliser with added Selenium, which is an essential trace element for animals.

For dairy, sheep and beef farmers

Who are looking to improve animal performance by raising blood selenium levels within their livestock

Our product is a grassland fertiliser 42% urea N enriched with 0.002% granular selenium

Better than other methods of selenium supplementation which are less cost-effective

Our solution boosts selenium levels in the soil, forage and the animal's blood

It is tried, tested and proven in Ireland and the UK


What is Selenistart?

Selenistart is a grassland fertilisers enriched with granular selenium specifically formulated to raise selenium in pasture and forage to optimum levels for livestock health.

Why use Selenistart?

Selenium is a vital trace element and is required by all animals. The natural route for selenium intake by ruminant animals is from their green feed diet. The selenium in Selenistart is a slow release granular form of selenium, which is the natural solution to boost low plant selenium levels. Selenium is released throughout the plant growing cycle boosting the selenium content at harvest or during grazing.

  • Selenium is essential for animal health
  • Selenium deficiency is linked to infertility, retained placentas, ill thrift and a wide range of sub-clinical symptoms
  • Ireland is one of the most selenium deficient countries in the world
  • Irish pastures supply only 38% of the selenium requirements of an average lactating cow (TEAGASC 2013)
  • On average, the cow's complete diet provided only 58% of her requirement for selenium (TEAGASC 2013)
  • Trials in Ireland and the UK have proved that Selenistart can elevate and sustain Selenium levels in pasture, forage and animal bloods for optimal health and performance

Why treat the soil with Selenistart instead of treating the animal?

Treat the SoilTreat the Animal
Works and...Works but...
Effect is long-termEffect is short-term
Selenium stays on farmSelenium leaves farm in animals
No animal handlingInvolves stressful handling
Selenium applied in fert - simpleRelies on animal husbandry
No extra time involvedtime consuming for farmer

The SELENI range are grassland fertilisers enriched with granular selenium (Se) N %P %K %S %Se %
SELENISUSTAIN42 (Protected)0.002
18s + Se1861020.002


Assessing the effect of selenium fertiliser on herbage Se levels in grass



Selenium trial in Kilkenny



Selenium trial in Cork

Application rate
GrazingApplying a minimum of 4 bags/acre/yr of Selenistart over the grazing season will help to correct your selenium deficiency.
If the above amount of Selenistart has not been spread, this product can be used in conjunction with Selenigrass (CAN+Se) as part of a programme whereby 4 bags/acre of either product or a combination of both are spread early in the grazing season.
SilageSelenistart can be used to replace Granular Urea for applications on silage crops. Selenistart will help to raise the selenium content of the silage.
Need a Carbon Footprint?

Our aim is to provide specific carbon footprints for our products, improving accuracy for recording and reporting. NUTRI-CO2OL, our independently ADAS verified carbon footprint model, was developed to account for changes in raw material sourcing, production and blending sites.

An indicative carbon footprint for Selenigrass is below. Contact us quoting the bag code on your bag tie for an accurate carbon footprint.