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Product Stewardship

We put our name, our reputation and our assurance on producing a full range of high quality prescription blends.

All our raw materials are purchased with integrity, we consistently invest in our production sites and continue to innovate with our Efficiency Fertiliser range.

All of this comes together under our NUTRI-CHECK umbrella term.​


We purchase raw materials from suppliers with whom we have long-term partnerships and who uphold internationally-recognised sustainability standards and practices.

We are proactively engaged with suppliers in relation to de-carbonised raw materials including initiatives such as green ammonia and nutrient sources from the circular economy.
We are members of the Irish National Plastic Packaging Group, and removal of virgin plastics in packaging is a focus for us. We are actively working with bag suppliers to trial the strength and protection of fertiliser bags containing at least 30% recycled material and will adopt as available.

We annually review and measure suppliers’ sustainability scores and raw material carbon footprint.
Goulding is committed to the responsible sourcing of goods and services across all of its businesses. In turn, we seek to build trusted relationships with suppliers who conduct business responsibly, with integrity and transparency. We expect our suppliers to meet or exceed all the standards set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct. Commensurate with the size and nature of their business, we expect suppliers to have the appropriate processes, policies and systems in place to comply with the standards and to have mechanisms in place to determine and control risks in all areas addressed by our code of conduct. The Code sets out the minimum standards we hold our suppliers to. However, we are committed to continuous improvement in our supply chain and similarly encourage our suppliers to adhere to the highest industry and international standards and promote best practices throughout their operations


Our 4 strategically located sites give us national coverage from local facilities.

We have state-of-the-art blending, screening, coating and bagging facilities that give us clean, free flowing, size matched products.

Our continuous investment in our sites delivers new fertiliser technologies that increase nutrient efficiencies.

Product Stewardship

We complete annual rigorous NUTRI-CHECK assessments to quantify:

  • Raw material compatibility
  • Theoretical spatial distribution of granules and nutrients
  • Granule size distribution
  • Bulk density
  • Crush strength

Our batch level NUTRI-CHECK model provides you with important indicators on blend evenness and accuracy of spread to ensure optimum nutrient distribution.

Nutrient Analysis

Our products are regularly analysed to test that what is on the bag is in the bag.

The results show that they are highly accurate and consistent.
Trading Standards Independent Analysis:
average of 76 samples across 5 years (2016-2020)
Declared Analysis22.437.509.58
Measured Analysis22.507.839.59
Deviation from Declared+0.07+0.33+0.01

Bag Weights

Our bag weights are routinely checked and recorded during production.

They are independently checked as part of our internal audits.​