NUTRI-CO2OL® is our independently verified model that enables us to quantify the carbon footprint for any individual product. It provides site-specific carbon footprints for our grades from source to Goulding's site gate.


NUTRI-CO2OL® has been developed to provide customers, farmers and the food supply chain with carbon footprint data to help make more informed decisions.

NUTRI-CO2OL® is an independently verified carbon footprint model for blends, and accounts for changes in raw material sourcing, production and blending location.


NUTRI-CO2OL® has been independently verified by ADAS, the UK's largest independent provider of agricultural and environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice, for its relevance, completeness, consistency, accuracy and transparency against PAS2050:2011 Specification for the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services.

The verification covers emissions from cradle-to-gate.




NUTRI-CO2OL® provides a specific carbon footprint emission statement for any product that we produce and improves the accuracy for recording and reporting carbon footprints.

NUTRI-CO2OL® enables carbon footprint information to be part of the purchase decision, highlighting how fertiliser choice can reduce the end product carbon footprint in the broader food supply chain.

An example carbon footprint for our SWEETGRASS is below.



Our sister company Origin Fertilisers supply prescription fertilisers to key growers producing malting barley in GB.

Significant reductions in carbon footprints were achieved in the mid-2010s through switching to abated nitrogen fertilisers, but what more can be done for the drinks market with an increasing demand for more sustainable crop production practices?

Working with a key customer supplying fertiliser to malting barley growers, our range of enhanced efficiency prescription grades provided a 9% reduction in carbon footprint when compared to a competitor standard complex compound.


Fertiliser GradeCarbon Footprint
kg CO2-eq/kg product
Applied At
Fertiliser Production
kg CO2-eq per hectare
Spring Barley Grade A0.57400228
Spring Barley Grade B0.52400208
Carbon Footprint Saving9% reductionReduction of 20

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